Did you know...?

Yes, actually 3 times as much as in lemons. In addition, horseradish also contains vitamin A and B and the minerals potassium, iron and zinc.


Did you know that...

horseradish is rich in vitamin C?

Did you know that...

horseradish is preservative?

For example, when pickling beets, it is an old advice to put a piece of horseradish into the glass. Smart right?

Hjemmelavet konserves

Did you know that...

horseradish is also referred to as "The chili of the Nordic countries" and "The wasabi of the Nordic countries"?


Dear child has many names. But it is not quite random nicknames. Horseradish is so strong that it causes tears when processed. In terms of taste horseradish is very similar to "the Japanese horseradish" - better known as wasabi.


A fun fact is that minimum 80% of all wasabi in the US actually has horseradish as the main ingredient. In addition to horseradish, mustard, green color and a little wasabi or wasabi powder are often added.