Carlsen's history

Carlsens Food is a company from 1930. The first horseradish sprout was sown when Grocer Hans Aage Carlsen started selling horseradish in the capital.


In the 1950s, Grocer Carlsen started to produce grated horseradish in small premises in Copenhagen.


In 1966, the production moved to Funen to get close to the horseradish growers. From here, the company developed fast, and several other types of products came into being.


Today, our specialty factory is still in Haarby on Funen.


The business is going very well and Carlsens is becoming more and more specialized in horseradish.


Wholesalers Aage Carlsen (also called "Peberrods-Carlsen" - "peberrod" is "horseradish" in danish) was a trained Grocer. He started his own business trading with, among other things, Horseradish in Nansensgade in inner Copenhagen.

The trade moves for a brief comment to H.C. Ørstedvej in Copenhagen, but the premises are sold again the following year where Carlsen becomes pure wholesaler. There are strongly fluctuating prices on berries, fruits, nuts and tomatoes, whereas the prices of horseradish are stable. This gets Carlsen to speculate on specializing in horseradish trading.

The trolley is replaced by the company's first motor vehicle - a Ford T truck.

Carlsen is gradually becoming a well-known and respected man on the Market with both great influence and also known for his generosity.

56' Revet peberrod kopi_edited.jpg

Over the years Carlsen is working to expand the production from selling whole horseradish to peeling and grate the horseradish, and later also shred it. He worked along with his wife Inge Carlsen in a small yard house of a villa. 

Carlsen vogn_edited.jpg

In collaboration with a horseradish grower from Sindal, Carlsen is really beginning to specialize in the trading of horseradish and

paving the way to Copenhagen's Grøntorv, where Carlsen has a permanent spot at the Market - specializing in horseradish trading. Carlsen is appointed chairman of the Copenhagen Grønttorv Commission- and Wholesaler association and in this connection Carlsens starts up advertising for the company.

Denmark's Fruit Grocer Magazine writes for the first time about Carlsens.


Products was developed and many experiments were made with different types of processing, including the shredded horseradish and horseradish cream on the tube.

Here is the promotion of "Carlsens Succes Horseradish" on tube.

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Carlsens promotes itself through more extensive advertising, and via a share of the sale on both shredded and grated horseradish, the company contributes and donates with greater amounts to the National Organization of Danish Fruit and Florists, LO.

Ad from Aarhus Stiftstidende
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Carlsen's growth continues, and advertising continues for the company. Here in Berlingske Tidende in 1961 and article from 1965 in Erhvervsliv. 

61' Reklame Berlingske kopi_edited.jpg

The factory moves from the backyard in Hellerup to Haarby in South Funen. This was done because there was no longer enough room in the premises in Hellerup, but most of all because it was an advantage and a desire to get the horseradish grower as the closest neighbor. At that time horseradish was grown on the surrounding fields of the factory. The new facilities made it possible to increase production, and in line with the growth of user associations and later actual retail chains and several nationwide wholesalers, Carlsens expanded its market presence from the metropolitan area over Zealand to all of Denmark.


Moving to Haarby, Aage Carlsen had paved the way for a modern fabrication under the best possible conditions with a considerably larger capacity, which could ensure the customers both quality and ability to deliver in the future.


Now it was time to focus on sale and advertisement even more.

67' Danmarks Frugthandlerblad - smilende
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The limited company

Carlsens Peberrod A/S is founded. 

66' Artikel m. flere billeder kopi 3_edi
66' Artikel m. flere billeder kopi_edite

In connection with the inauguration of the new modern factory on August 13 1966, a long article was written in Denmark's Fruit Grocer Magazine.

66' Artikel m. flere billeder kopi2_edit
66' Grosserer Carlsen kopi_edited.jpg
66' Grosserer Carlsen kopi_edited.jpg
Ejerskifte ownership

"Domus Vista

Stormarked" ad

Ad in "Økonomaen"


Aage Carlsen passed away in the early 70s.

His wife Inge Carlsen's nephew, Torben Haagensen, takes over the operations as co-owner of the company.


Torben Haagensen takes over 100% of the shares of Carlsens Peberrod A/S. During the first many years, Haagensen spends most of his time at the factory in Haarby, and commuted to Copenhagen on weekends to be with his family.

Export to most neighbor countries - including Great Britain and Belgium.

Flag Norge
Flag of Sweden
Tysk flag
Flag of United Kingdom
Belgisk flag

The product range is expanded with vegetable salad and capers.


In the years 2003-2005 Carlsens participates together with one of the contract horseradish growers and "Dansk Jordbrugsforskning", active in quality and variety experiments.

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Investments were made. Among other things in the form of new trucks and production equipment.

05' Peberrod.jpg
NICHE: Sund peberrod fra en lille fabrik på Fyn er blevet en stor eksportvare
The 00s

Article in "Women's Magazine" i 91'. 

91' hvor peberroden gror kopi.jpg
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One of Kastebogaard's men, Mogens, hard at work sorting the horseradish with Farm Owner Rasmus' daughter, Hanne.

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Torben Haagensen passed away. His wife Turid Haagensen steps in as CEO and runs the company in close collaboration with the daughter, Jeanett Haagensen.

The 10's
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Change of name from

Carlsens Peberrod A/S to

Carlsens Food A/S. 


Carlsens is approved for ecology.

New ownership

The couple Sarah and Brian Peetz Hansen steps in as the new owners from December 1 2018.